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Welcome Space Candles

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Transform your wedding venue into a warm and enchanting space with our exquisite Welcome Space Candles. Choose from our diverse selection of styles, sizes, and scents to create an inviting ambiance that complements your wedding theme and leaves a lasting impression on your guests. 


Custom Options:

Size: Choose from a variety of sizes. We can do any size jar candle or pillar/wreath candle featured on our website. 
Style: Choose from scented jar candles, pillar candles or aroma wax sachets. We can do custom candles for your wedding of any style, if you have a specific candle in mind please let us know! 
Scent: List the available essential oil and fragrance oil scent options with a short description of each scent's character.
Sticker: Present examples of custom photo stickers, thank you images, or other designs that customers can choose for their candles.

Gift Bag/Packaging and Thank You Tags

Packaging Options: Showcase the different types of gift bags, boxes, or wrappings available for your customers to choose from. Include images and descriptions for each packaging option to help customers visualize how their thank you candles will be presented to their guests. Mention any available customization options, such as colors, materials, or patterns.
Thank You Tags: Present various thank you tag designs that customers can choose to attach to their gift bags or packaging. Include images of the tags with different designs, styles, and fonts. Highlight customization options, such as personalized messages, wedding dates, or the couple's names. Mention any available color or material choices for the tags.