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About North Candles

Mami & Alex making sustainable soy candles! Canada & Japan 🇨🇦🇯🇵

North Candles was started in Tokyo, Japan by Mami & Alex. North candles makes sustainable, environmentally conscious scented candles made from 100% soy wax. Follow our journey back and forth, from Canada to Japan! 

North Candles Mami and Alex

North Candles is an environmentally conscious soy wax candle brand made both locally in Richmond, Ottawa as well as in Hokkaido, Japan. Mami St-Jean is a japanese candle artist who started North Candles in Tokyo with her husband Alex St-Jean who she met while traveling and living in Canada. We are now living in Alex's hometown of Richmond, Ontario where we have recently launched our business in Canada for the first time.

We want to create an environmentally sustainable business that reflects our values while also being able to share Mami’s artistic candles. It is important to us that we use all recyclable, plastic free packaging as well as reusable jars and biodegradable soy wax. We sell pillars and jars of all types, using dried/pressed flowers Mami gets in Japan.

ノースキャンドルは北海道出身のキャンドル作家です。現在は東京を中心に活動しています。 キャンドルは全て植物由来の大豆ワックスを100%を使用しています。ソイ(大豆)キャンドルは灯すと空気清浄効果があり、低温でゆっくりと燃焼していくので、やさしく香りが広がります。