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15% OFF! (Seasonal) Vanilla Cupcake Scented Candle

15% OFF! (Seasonal) Vanilla Cupcake Scented Candle

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The BEST smelling fall scented candles in Japan! Strong, delicious fall scents just like your favorite candles from abroad!
A scented candle with a blend of vanilla, maple and coconut notes, it smells just like a vanilla cupcake!

Recommended for those who like strong western-style scented candles.
*Contents: Soy wax, fragrance
*Size: (Large) 7cm x 7.5cm / (Small) 5.5cm x 6cm
* Burning time: (large) about 50 hours / (small) about 15-20 hours
◆ How to light a candle ◆
Burning once the wax is melted in the entire bottle (about 1-2 hours) will spread the scent throughout the room and you can enjoy it cleanly to the end.
If there is a black mass at the tip of the wick, it will cause soot, so please remove it before ignition.
If the burning time is too short, only the wick will burn and the flame will be small, causing the wick to be buried in the wax.
If the flame becomes smaller during burning, extinguish the flame once, soak a tissue with wax, remove a little of the wax, and lengthen the wick to stabilize the combustion. (The wax is hot, so be careful not to touch it with your hands.)
If the flame is too big or soot is coming out, turn off the flame and shorten the wick a little (about 1cm in length).
We recommend using a lighter with a long tip when igniting.
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