Natural & Plant-Based

100% Soy Wax Candles

Handmade in Hokkaido

About North Candles

Mami and Alex, a couple from Canada and Hokkaido, started North Candles in Tokyo, Japan and now currently reside and make all of our candles in Hokkaido, Japan. They met while volunteering on an organic vegetable farm in BC, Canada in 2016, and after traveling and living in both Japan and Canada, they decided to start their own candle business in 2018. At North Candles, we believe in creating handmade candles that are not only beautiful with a wonderful scent, but also environmentally friendly and natural. Our candles are made with completely plant-based (vegan) ingredients, soy wax, and botanical dried flowers. We also offer scented candles made with our own handmade original essential oil blends, carefully crafted to provide a unique and soothing scent experience. Our candles are great for creating a relaxing ambiance and can be used for any occasion.