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(100+ Hrs) - Essential Oil Blend Soy Candle

(100+ Hrs) - Essential Oil Blend Soy Candle

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A 100% plant-derived candle containing only essential oils and soy wax. It is a candle that imaged the winter scenery of Hokkaido. This extra large candle can be enjoyed for 100+ hours of burning time, so it is recommended for those who enjoy using scented candles often. 

Scent: Forest Essential Oil Blend (Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Cypress)

The wick is made from Sakura tree wood. The flame is bigger than a general cotton core, and it makes a crackling sound when it burns, like a campfire.

Soy candles use wax derived from soybean oil, and soy candles have an air purifying effect.
In addition, soybeans are renewable raw materials that can be cultivated again from the field, so there is little burden on the environment and they are animal-free (vegan).
Compared to ordinary petroleum-derived candles, soy candles burn slowly and for a long time at low temperatures, so you can effectively enjoy the scent of essential oils.

Size: diameter 9 cm x height 10.5 cm
Burning time: Approximately 100+ hours

Please note:
* Some colour errors may occur depending on your computer or mobile phone.
* All are carefully made by hand, but there may be slight differences from each individual candle
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